Head of Environment & marine biology FFESSM commission for Occitanie region


DORIS (doris.ffessm.fr) correspondent for Occitanie region

CMAS 3 star diver & FFESSM Marine biology diver

PADI Rescue diver & Freediver



A native of the Montpellier area, I discovered quite late scuba diving but I'm now crazy about it (may be as you 😊)!


Very quickly, I turn to underwater photo, video and marine biology. I wanted to identify and understand what I was watching, and that's I am still doing because there is so much to learn!


And because I deeply love my area, I am eager to show the immense underwater biodiversity that we are lucky to have here!


Come here and open your diver's eyes!

Links (french)

DORIS is a fantastic repository on marine life species which can be observed in all french water around the world 


CROMIS is a FFESSM french participatory sciences tool for all divers

BioObs is a french participatory sciences tool 



Nonprofit organization about seahorses protection & preservation

Nonprofit organization about sharks and rays protection & preservation in the Mediterranean sea 

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