It's a phylum that I like very much. Specially Cuttlefish & Octopus which are often curious and also the small colorfull seaslugs.


The mollusc phylum ("soft body") groups 5 classes :

  • Cephalopods with cuttlefish, octopotus, squid...
  • Gastropods with sea snails (limpet, rough turbo, ...) seaslugs (tricolore doris, stripped tritonia, orange godiva, ...)
  • Lamellibranchs/bivalves with the fan mussel, lima, flask-shell, mussels, oysters...
  • Polyplacophora primarily the chiton
  • Scaphopods with the common tusk

In the videos below, you will find species that we meet very frequently in the Gulf of Aigues-Mortes. 


I invite you to (re)discover them and come here to watch them underwater! 

Next videos: Hope's elysia, Bivalves, Cuttlefish by night...

Common octopus

Octopus vulgaris

Common cuttlefish

Sepia officinalis

Long-armed octopus

Callistoctopus macropus


Loligo spp. 

Blue facelina

Facelina auriculata

Tricolor doris

Felimare tricolor

Striped tritonia

Tritonia striata

Villafranca doris

Felimare villafranca

Areole doris

Doriopsilla areolata

Fontandrau’s Doris

Felimare fontandraui

Pink doris

Felimida purpurea

Krohn's doris

Felimida krohni

Brito's doris

Felimida binza

Red buds diaphorodoris

Diaphorodoris papillata


Diaphorodoris alba


Diaphorodoris luteocincta

Big flower doris

Dendrodoris grandiflora

Mottled doris

Dendrodoris limbata

Orange Godiva

Dondice banyulensis

Yellow tylodina / Umbrella slug

Tylodina perversa


Trapania maculata

Purple-yellow spotted doris

Felimida luteorosea

Gorgonian Tritonia

Tritonia nilsodhneri 

Hope’s elysia, Thuridilla

Thuridilla hopei

Pink coryphella

Edmundsella pedata

Pink flabellina

Flabellina affinis


Cratena peregrina

Spotted/ringed berthella

Berthella ocellata


Charonia lampas

White simnia

Simnia spelta

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