The amazing Thau lagoon

Known and recognized for its conchyculture (oysters, mussels, ...), the Thau basin is the largest lagoon of the Occitanie area with nearly 7500 hectares. The average depth is about 4. 5 meters with a maximum of 30 meters (the Bise).


It's a site owith an exceptional biodiversity ranked 1st in the Mediterranean sea!


The seahorse is one Thau's iconic animals! Its population is important and divers come from far away to come and watch them!


Marine biology lovers, especially seaslugs, will be more than happy with beatiful and amazing species like the Quadricolor godiva, Boston facelina, Hervia, Green elysia and many more!


Discover it now in HD video!  

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Long-snouted seahorse

Hippocampus guttulatus

Godiva quadricolor

Godiva quadricolor


Sepia officinalis


Paguriste eremita


Syngnathus taenionotus


Syngnathus acus


Perforatus perforatus


Cratena peregrina

Fourline nudibranch

Polycera quadrilineata

Green Elysia

Elysia veridis

Peacock blenny

Salaria pavo

Depilatory sea hare

Aplysia depilans

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